What is Integrated Pest Management?

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Many of our customers are suprised that our pest control does not include the outdated technique of spraying a chemical solution along the baseboards of their home or business. Do-It-Yourself pest control is certainly an option for homeowners; however, most homeowners lack the knowledge and training to effectively treat pest problems. The critical components in treating any infestation include correctly identifying insect species and understanding their habits. For example, the Pharaoh ant only sends out 10% of its workforce at one time. Killing the ants that you see may temporarily treat the issue, but it will force the ants to move their colonies and then grow in numbers. 

Billiot Pest Control has made great strides to eliminate the use of unecessary chemicals that may not be applicable to the problems on your property. Billiot considers the ecology of the environment and all relevant interactions that any application of chemicals may have. Our goal is to maximize the effect of eliminating unwanted pests while minimizing the effects on the environment.


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